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Time Will Tell
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 99 reviews
 by Paula Ginger

Mr. Moffitt did an excellent job servicing my antique wall clock. I purchased from an antique dealer but was not sure if it would run correctly. I brought it to Time Will Tell and picked it up as promised, 2 weeks later.

 by Ed Spain
Cuckoo Clock Repair

A wonderful experience, We had purchased three cuckoo clocks during our stay in Germany, after a few years they weren’t functioning as we wished. Without hesitation, Marcus advised he would analyze the issues and find the fix for our clocks. We are so pleased with the results. All three are repaired and bringing the sounds of Germany back into our home. I especially appreciated the reports that Marcus provided with the repaired clocks. Thanks for a very pleasant experience.

 by Arthur Strauss
Clock Resurrected

Marcus is amazing. I brought him A cuckoo clock in pieces and he was able to put it back together and has it running great. I had attempted to repair it myself and found out I was not a clock repair person. Marcus took the clock put it back together and has it running well.
Thank you Marcus

Cuckoo runs great

Last month I brought my Blackforst Cuckoo into Marcus for repair.
I was a gift from visitors from Germany. It had not run in 2 years.
Marcus was able to fix it and get it running very well.
I now will get the Grandfather clock looked at.

 by Josephine & Jerry
Marcus is Local Treasure!

Two weeks ago, we purchased a 100+ year old grandfather clock. We asked Marcus to service it and conduct any repairs so it will last another 100 years. Marcus was professional, knowledgeable and answered all our questions. Not many people out there who can fix an antique clock. We were so lucky to find him! Recommend to all! A+++

 by AGL

I had a clock that hadn't worked in years. Marcus came highly recommended. It was worth the 35 min drive to have him fix my clock. It was from a dear friend. It now works AND chimes. I am so very happy. I HIGHLY recommend Marcus.

 by Melody Simmons
Clock Repair

I have a clock that is very special to me, but has not worked in several years. I had it packed away, but got it out for Marcus to check it. In just 3 days he brought it by my house in full working order! I’m so happy to have it once again on the wall in my kitchen - with the correct time displayed! I also love the way he has the Plan of Salvation printed on his invoice!


I am totally pleased with the knowledge, the fast and prompt service and professionalism... I called several other clock repair services and the response time and the full service and cleaning was completed in a much shorter time than i expected and the cost was significantly less than the others.... the Grandfather clock looks and works perfectly... Awesome service and pricing... Perfect job....

 by Tom
Old Wall Clock

Marcus repaired a old wall clock for me which probably dates from the late 1800's. It was owned by my great grandfather and had not run in a year. It has always been very temperamental and would stop occasionally for no apparent reason. Marcus figured out the problem and the clock has been running fine for the last two months.

 by Edward Scott
Clock repair

I am very pleased with the service and the quality of the work done on two mantle clocks that have been passed down from parents and grandparents. Very reasonably priced and work was done in a week or two, which was not a problem, since clocks had not been in working condition since the 1980s. Highly recommend Mr. Moffitt. Also, a nice drive in the pretty country to get to his shop.

 by Christopher Rasmussen
Grandfather Clock Repair

Don't usually do reviews but Marcus was just a great guy! Friendly & understanding of the problem, who does fast excellent work at a very reasonable price! I highly recommend Time Will Tell (what a great name) for your clock repair!

 by Richard
Cuckoo Clock

Thanks for repairing my 50 year old made and bought in Germany Cuckoo Clock. It runs like the day it was gifted to us from my parents.

Marcus was wonderful to work with. He is courteous, responsive, professional and skilled in his craft. The turn around time of one week was better than I had expected. I look forward to many more years of enjoyment from the clock. Thanks again Marcus.

 by Curt Landers
clock repair

Wow... Marcus was great! One week repaired old clock that was my parents and installed battery movement in another old clock. Very knowledgeable, great guy, very satisfied with the price and quality of work. Hard to find someone like him.

 by Amy Hollingsworth
Great Experience

Marcus was quick, courteous, and knowledgeable! I had previously called another local clock repair company, who told me it would be months before he could even look at my mantel clock. But when our grandfather clock stopped, I found Marcus online and reached out to him. He was quick to respond, quick to come out, and quick to repair. He is a master of clocks and honest and trustworthy. He fixed both the grandfather and mantel clocks in under a week. Highly recommend!

 by Ellen Duex
Like New

Our cuckoo clock was in bad shape and finally stopped running. we took it to Marcus with hopes that he could fix it. He not only got it running again, he tightened the face and cleaned the outside so that it looks like a new clock. He did a better job than any of the other men we have taken it to and was less expensive.

 by Karen
Great Service

I have been struggling with several clock repair people to fix one of my treasured clocks. After paying two of them and the clock still not working, I found Marcus at Time Will Tell on the web. He not only fixed my treasured clock he also fixed a carriage clock that belonged to my Grandfather. I was told this clock was beyond repair because it was rusted. I have several antique clocks and I know that this will not be the end of my dealings with Marcus. He is truly a professional and his fees are more than reasonable. I wholeheartedly recommend him!!

 by Bruce Schug
Howard Miller Working Again!

Our Howard Miller mantle clock was fixed quickly and inexpensively and is keeping perfect time again. We love this clock and are glad to have it back in service.

 by Chad Brooks
Excellent Service

Marcus did an excellent job servicing my antique Seth Thomas clock. I’m very thankful for his kindness and expertise. I highly recommend Time Will Tell.

 by Renee Rubner
Timeless value

I don't know when I first fell in love with my parent's mantel clock, complete with the character-adding crack on the cover. It even prompted me to buy my own mantel clock, though its electronic chimes and oak finish could never compare to the beauty offered up by the timeless tones and rich cherry finish of the 1925 version. The love affair continued into my twenties as I communicated to my parents my desire to have it passed on to me one day. Fifteen years later, my siblings and I were instructed by mom and dad to choose the one thing that we wanted documented in their will to receive at their eventual passing. I, of course and, without hesitation, chose the beloved mantel clock, though some felt it had lesser value than other possessions of theirs. As time passed, mom and dad began to desire the slower pace of a simplified lifestyle and instructed us to come acquire our prized possessions from their beautiful home. Some heeded that call but I could not, as if it would speed their natural progression into the afterlife. Well, ready or not, we lost mom and dad both in 2019 and the clock I once loved for its mere beauty quickly became a symbol of their timeless presence in my world. I gave it a prominent position in my home on a hall table all to itself. Unfortunately our cat knocked it to the floor in a feline frenzy, further damaging the cover and other minor areas. Though the clock remained relatively in tact considering, it was devastating and felt like mom and dad died all over again, especially dad as he passed unexpectedly. I found Time Will Tell and hoped that they could replace the glass, fix the door hinges, and repair the life mechanism that made the clock a clock. It took a while but Marcus came through. Though he was unsure how long the mechanism would hold, it's been six months and it's still going strong. I often stop in my tracks when I hear the clock chime, my heart swelling with the repeated memory of my parents.
Thank you for this timeless joyous gift!

 by Debbie Moritz
My Mother would be so pleased

I inherited my Mother's Grandfather clock when she went home to Heaven. Due to a recent move, the clock wasn't working. I was so upset the clock wasn't working and prayed for me to
find someone. I found Marcus at Time Will Tell.

Marcus is excellent! He fixed my clock and it is running better than ever. He is kind, professional and a Christian who loves Jesus. I highly recommend him. The reverse side of his bill has a lovely poem and scriptures. I love it. I am thankful I met Marcus and will call him if needed, in the future. As for my Mother, I know she is smiling knowing her/my clock is fixed. Thank you Marcus!

 by Dan Foster
Outstanding Service

Marcus was a pleasure to work with in the repair and much needed service of our grandfather clock. Very timely. Very reasonable charges. Even cleaned up a few scratches on the dial! I highly recommend his services.

 by Jim Rogers
Idle GF Clock

Marcus takes a lost art and serves those of us in need of clock repair/maintenance. So nice to have my GF clock up and running after sitting idle for several years. A true gentleman who is dependable, prompt, and does what he says-all at a reasonable and fair price. I highly recommend! Thank you Marcus for your service.
May God continue to Bless you!

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