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Time Will Tell
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 115 reviews
 by Rick Sylvester
Wall Clock Died

My wall clock died when I changed the clock to daylight savings time. Mr. Moffitt couldn't get any life out of the clock so he installed a new movement and speaker. He did a GREAT job, at a very reasonable price in a very timely manner. Works great. I would definitely recommend Mr. Moffitt for any clock repair.

 by Matt Fulmer
Black Forest Cuckoo

Fantastic to deal with. Excellent work. Very accommodating. Very professional. Highly recommended.

 by Kevin Barnes
The Porsche Technician

I told Mr. Moffitt that I was afraid that I was bringing a "go cart" clock to a "Porsche technician." The old quartz school regulator hung in my mother-in-law's kitchen for many years before hanging in our kitchen for many more, when she passed away. Not worth much, but in sentimental value, and cherished memories. Mr. Moffitt is indeed the Porsche technician of all things clocks. Refurbished by Mr. Moffitt in only a few days, and will be a wonderful Christmas present to my wonderful wife. Thank you, Mr. Moffitt! Merry Christmas!

 by Sally & Joe

When our SEIKO MUSIC in MOTION clock had fallen we were devastated. We found a repair company called ‘TIME WILL TELL’, which immediately caught our eye.
Before that my husband was ready to perform last rights on our beloved SEIKO.
Upon our initial call to Mr. Marcus we felt connected, and he would be the one to look at and save our precious clock. He WAS able to fix our clock, and in two days it was back on the wall with dancing fairies and making beautiful music again. Price and turnaround time of repair was very fair. He is definitely worth your TIME!!!!!
Mr. and Mrs. Moffitt are both genuine people and a pleasure to know.

Mr. Marcus… THANK YOU!!!

 by Robin Calhoun
Cuckoo won't run

Marcus is a miracle worker!

He cleaned my clock inside and outside, made adjustments, my 22 year old clock looks brand new. Runs perfectly,I was so afraid my clock would never run again, only person near us that does repairs. Also, Marcus explained about listening for the tick and how to adjust the clock.

Price was extremely fair.

Highly recommend Marcus!

 by William Marshall
Large Howard Miller Wall Clock

Fair price to clean, lubricate, and repair my wall clock. Required a little adjustment after the service but it runs and strikes perfectly. I will use whenever one of my clocks is less than perfect. Thank you, Marcus.

 by John H Capps
Cookoo clock repair

Brought in my CooKoo clock as he explained it, a basket case. Repaired for the price he said. Brought home, put on wall, attached cones, started it tic tocking. Works great, cookoo’s like it is supposed to. He underestimates his ability to repair clocks I think. Thanks! Will get another clock in the near future, but not a basket case😄

 by Charlene
HE does it all

He made our Grandfather clock sing again as well as our Cuckoo clock and others. It is a pleasure to meet someone who knows his craft and presents it professionally.

 by Diane Iseminger
Serviced Grandfather Clock

I reached out to Marcus online who immediately responded, gave me a very reasonable quote for the service call, and scheduled an appointment with me within a week. Marcus is knowledgeable, handled our clock with great care, and took time to explain what he was doing and why so we could keep the clock in its best working condition. Marcus is an excellent clocksmith and I highly recommend him.

 by Essie Simmons
Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

Thank you Mr. Moffitt for coming to Anderson and giving our 44 year old clock new life ... we miss it when it's not operating ... you did a great job!

 by G Thomas Utech
Grand Father Clock Heart Surgery!!

We recently moved to SC, bringing our antique Black Forest Grand Father Clock. It had been ten years since it was cleaned and serviced (not well at that). We located Mr. Moffitt on an internet search. Mr. Moffitt assured us he could come to our house and remove the clock movement and service it. He expertly analyzed the removal I didn't think possible. He took all the required parts to his shop; rebuilt a damaged gear, cleaned and oiled the movement. He then ran the clock for a couple days to ensure all was well. He returned in a week to reinstall the heart of our Grand Father clock. It has been running flawlessly for a week now. Quarter hour and hourly chimes haven't missed a beat. (reason we called him in the first place). Truly a Master Clocksmith, knowledgeable and punctual. Cost was exactly as quoted and extremely reasonable. Would definitely recommend him and will call him when it is time to service our antique Black Forest Cuckoo Clock!!

 by Norene Doyle

Found Marcus of Time Will Tell in an internet search for clock repair in Greenville area. I have 2 tall case floor clocks that were custom made for me in Sweden. After a couple of moves from Southern California to Northern California and then cross country to South Carolina, my dear weight driven clocks would not run. Marcus came to my home and removed the the works from both clocks and took them to his shop. He cleaned, repaired, oiled them, made sure they kept time for a week and returned to my home and re-installed them. They have been working perfectly and I am so happy to recommend his work. Thank you, Marcus!

 by Philip
Great Service

I found Time Will Tell on the internet. All of the five star reviews and brief email exchanges with Marcus convinced me to drive an hour and a quarter to leave my cuckoo clock with him. Within three days he had repaired the clock and had it ready for me to pick up. He had cleaned the movement and installed fresh lubricant. When it still wouldn't run, he repaired two gears in the timing chain. It has been running perfectly since then. And it was all done at a reasonable price. Definitely five stars!

 by Richard
Grandfather clock repair

Excellent service by a knowledgeable man. Marcus drove to our house, took the works from an old grandfather clock we inherited back to his shop. In a couple weeks he returned and put the clock together. It is perfect! Every time it chimes we think of Marcus. He is so kind and caring. Thank you!

 by Glenda Hodgkinson
Time Will Tell

Mr. Moffitt serviced my antique clock that has been in the family around 100 years. He did an excellent job and is very reasonable and the clock was gone only one week. All work was done as promised and was ready as promised ON TIME

 by Maurisa Staton
Grandfather clock repair

Mr. Moffitt Was Wonderfull. He was very knowledgeable about the clock. He was on time. And prices were reasonable. I really am lucky I found him. I would recommend him to anyone in my area.

 by Paula Ginger

Mr. Moffitt did an excellent job servicing my antique wall clock. I purchased from an antique dealer but was not sure if it would run correctly. I brought it to Time Will Tell and picked it up as promised, 2 weeks later.

 by Ed Spain
Cuckoo Clock Repair

A wonderful experience, We had purchased three cuckoo clocks during our stay in Germany, after a few years they weren’t functioning as we wished. Without hesitation, Marcus advised he would analyze the issues and find the fix for our clocks. We are so pleased with the results. All three are repaired and bringing the sounds of Germany back into our home. I especially appreciated the reports that Marcus provided with the repaired clocks. Thanks for a very pleasant experience.

 by Arthur Strauss
Clock Resurrected

Marcus is amazing. I brought him A cuckoo clock in pieces and he was able to put it back together and has it running great. I had attempted to repair it myself and found out I was not a clock repair person. Marcus took the clock put it back together and has it running well.
Thank you Marcus

Cuckoo runs great

Last month I brought my Blackforst Cuckoo into Marcus for repair.
I was a gift from visitors from Germany. It had not run in 2 years.
Marcus was able to fix it and get it running very well.
I now will get the Grandfather clock looked at.

 by Josephine & Jerry
Marcus is Local Treasure!

Two weeks ago, we purchased a 100+ year old grandfather clock. We asked Marcus to service it and conduct any repairs so it will last another 100 years. Marcus was professional, knowledgeable and answered all our questions. Not many people out there who can fix an antique clock. We were so lucky to find him! Recommend to all! A+++

 by AGL

I had a clock that hadn't worked in years. Marcus came highly recommended. It was worth the 35 min drive to have him fix my clock. It was from a dear friend. It now works AND chimes. I am so very happy. I HIGHLY recommend Marcus.

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